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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cooking Kohlrabi

This week half our boxes will get Kohlrabi Kossack, a large variety to your boxes.
It is the first time we have grown this.  Next week the other half of subscribers will get one.

There are many youtube videos on preparing it in various fashions.
Here's a simple way:

You need to peel off the tough skin to get to the tasty interior.

First "peel" with a large knife.

Then a regular potato peeler can get any remaining hard skin.

A nice white ball remains.

You can dice this or cut into whatever shape pleases you.
Some people do sticks that are then eaten raw.

This diced kohlrabi can be added raw to salads, eaten plain or cooked.

Sauteing taste very good.
Taste is similar to broccoli stems.

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