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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bug in my box! ... Bee friendly, bug friendly, poison-free produce

Sometimes people are less than thrilled to find bugs in their CSA boxes.
And they let us know it!

This year we decided to go entirely spray-free, pesticide-free in our fields.
Being organic certified we have never used synthetic pesticides in our field.
Last year we did use neem oil, a natural pesticide.

However, we want to be completely free of all pesticides in an effort to grow more in harmony with the land and to protect the bees and the biological life of our soil.

Most farms, including organic, use some pesticides to control bugs.  If you read modern organic farming magazines they are filled with new pesticides that have been developed that meet "organic standards" while delivering chemical lethality.

Part of the joy of being a zero-pesticide farm is you will receive, from time to time, a bug in your box. Or even many bugs.  Don't worry, it is a sign you are receive toxic-free food for yourself and family. When food looks too good and clean then usually you might also be receiving residual pesticides.

Our produce will also have many "chew marks" showing where bugs have feasted  ...   they really think our produce is good and healthy!

 Pillbugs really had a banquet on our Daikon radishes.  It's the first time we grew them and we almost didn't put them in the boxes  ...  they were so unsightly.  However, in they went  ...  sticking to earth friendly ideals.  If you get such as daikon, just remember it means they were grown in biologically alive soil with no poisons!  Just make extra use of a knife and peeler to "sculpt" out the good parts.

We try to clean off any bugs from the produce before it goes into the boxes.  Some though
will slip through.  We feel confident though we'll catch any frogs like this one, 
who was trying to hitch a ride on a cabbage leaf.


  1. I am so happy, Eric, about your development into zero pesticide status, hand in
    hand with nature. What a great frog picture! Frogs have always been the first to
    disappear with pesticides. Great testament to what you are doing. The frogs
    might help with a few pests too. Yay!! ramani

  2. Absolutely fine to have a few healthy bugs! Really fewer than I expected. And another good thing about frogs? They eat bugs!