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Friday, August 10, 2018

Aug 2018 unedited update

Some unedited videos from July and August are posted at our youtube channel playlist:

CA Healthy Soils Project at Ananda Valley Farm youtube playlist

Overall our trials are going well, below are some pictures of what we harvested this week all from beds that had a light layer of wood chips tilled in during the spring.

Of special note is the Kohlrabi.  It was planted in a bed that had a 4-6" mulch layer of Eucalyptus tilled in.  The mulch was put in place last July 2017 and then tilled in this spring 2018, so it was aged.
The Kohlrabi loved it, largest one weighed 8.6 lbs.  When transplanted we placed about 1 tbsp. of organic 13-0-0 fertilizer with each plant.