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Monday, September 12, 2016

Indian Spinach aka Wild Amaranth

We are including Wild Amaranth in the boxes this week.  This is a wild vegetable that grows around the farm and very nutritious, more nutritious than kale or regular spinach.

Our farm interns all enjoy eating this vegetable.  In fact when they go out into the field to pick something for dinner they almost always choose the wild amaranth over kale or Swiss Chard.

Here's what we wrote about preparing it last year.

Here's a simple way to use wild amaranth to spruce up a grilled cheese sandwich.

Cut up every part into fine pieces, stalk, flowers, leaves -- it is all good. Separate the large stalk pieces from the leaves.  The stalk takes about an extra 2 minutes to cook.  So put them in a frying pan first with about 1" of water.  Cook with lid on for several minutes until soft.  Prepare one side of sandwich at same time.

Add cooked amaranth and enjoy.

Here's some additional info on wild Amaranth.

Let us know how you like this.