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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Yikes this food is so ugly!

Here at Ananda Valley Farm we support the ugly food movement!

This means everything we grow, we will put in your box, regardless of conventional standards of visual appeal.  In Europe there is a real "ugly food movement" where groceries will sell these "seconds" at a discount.  In America it hasn't caught on yet, instead sadly, about 1/3rd of all produce is thrown away at the farm because it doesn't look uniform enough.


If you get one of these in your box, hopefully you'll appreciate
the unique personality each carrot brings.

Lettuce deserves a special discussion.  We've decided to include almost all the lettuce heads without extensive pruning or cleaning.  So you'll probably be getting ones looking like this and maybe even a little dirtier.

Typically lettuce going to a grocery store or farmer's market would be extensively "pruned" as above.  The outer layers of leaves would be removed, many times over half the total lettuce head would be tossed to get down to the pristine leaves inside.

 However these outer leaves are still great.  Usually it is just the edges that are browned.

You can just cut off the brown edges and be left with a great tasting and looking leaf.  So by including these outer leaves the amount of good lettuce we can deliver to you increases significantly.
We hope you will appreciate this extra lettuce, even though it means more cleaning time for you.

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